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Limited Balenciaga, Yes or No?

By PerfectKickz | 15 March 2017 | 1 Comments

If you are crazy about Balenciaga Sneakers, and also an old friend of us PKZ, then you must know that the Balenciaga Sneaker on our site has two types quality, one of it is Limited Version Quality

Recently, we have collected some limited stock of limited quality on site, and we have decided to give you a preferential price of them!!

All of them are in limited size and quantity, if you do really be fancy about Balenciaga Sneakers, then you cannot miss this rare opportunity.

Now let’s take a look of these limited stock ones firstly.


All the above have 9 styles and have size from US 7 – US 13, all price is USD 120, you can check this link to see if the one you want whether has your size: 


Maybe some friends will think that some of these styles are out of date, but we can tell you that, Balenciaga Sneaker is an all-matched sneaker, wearing them makes you always be the focus among people and never be said out of fashion. Don’t believe? How about seeing their good shot with Balenciaga?


And lately, we also have many new arrivals of Balenciaga Super Perfect Quality Sneaker, you can check their pictures below:


Welcome to check more details via this link:



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March 16,2017 08:16
"wait first off all I love !perfectkickz!" Do you guy"s stil have the high balenciaga!?
Thanks your support friend! This holiday high top black sneaker is out of stock now,but the green one or grey one maybe still in stock,this issue you need to contact our customer representatives to confirm. By the way,we now have the low top of holiday collection,are you interested in them? Check here: www.perfectkickz.ru/product/super-perfect-balenciaga-low-top-sneakers-in-black.htm Nice day :)
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