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How To Wear AJ1 With Pants

By Perfeckickz | 04 April 2019 | 957 views | 0 Comments

Most footwear was initially designed for use in athletics, with an eye on groundbreaking function, rather than how the sneakers look when worn on the street. Basketball sneakers, in particular, have been some of the most difficult designs to wear with a pair of jeans, mainly because of the height of the sneakers.

This often results in people wearing too-baggy jeans and having an overall sloppy aesthetic from the ankle down. That's not the only mistake people can make, though: There other tricks to successfully wearing sneakers made for on-court use in a casual setting. To better outline them, here's some case trendsetters How to Wear AJ1 With Pants.

Slim your pants down.

Don't wear too skinny jeans, though.

Stick with older, simpler silhouettes.

Resist the urge to pinroll.

Get your roll on.

Joggers can be tricky.

Some sneakers are just made for shorts.
Sometimes you have to admit defeat. Basketball sneakers were made to play basketball in, which, ideally, means that you'd wear basketball shorts with them. If all pant options fail, keep the shoes for the hardwood or the summer time.



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