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Hit new Updated Amiri if you are fans

By PerfectKickz | 24 February 2018 | 438 views | 0 Comments

Style: who love wearing Amiri men's fashion jeans

Amiri Influenced by the punk and grunge cultures of his youth, L.A.-native Mike Amiri launched his eponymous ready-to-wear label in 2013. Often finished with sterling silver-plated hardware, AMIRIs streetwear-inspired collection is made of premium denim, supple leather, and soft cotton-cashmere blends. The edgy styles are prized by sports icons and rock stars, who frequently can be seen sporting the brand’s signature shotgun-pellet-distressed pieces. 

Check out what celebrity we’ve recently highlighted wearing mens Amiri Jeans with their most fashionable pieces below.


NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. was recently draped in Mike Amiri — the New York Giants wide receiver dressed in a $740 Destroyed Denim Shirt Med Indigo and a pair of $1,040 MX1 Jean Bandana.


Tyga was caught making his way through LAX Airport to catch a flight out of Los Angeles, California. The rapper kept it simple with a pair of AMIRI MX1 Jeans in Black with a black t shirt and a pair of the YEEZY 350 Boosts.


Memphis Grizzlies’ Courtney Lee Post-Game Shines In Givenchy Sweatshirt And Amiri Jeans


About New and Old Jeans

In here, we also have great news for you now!! One of Amiri Jeans details updated! ( the one below --- Amiri Mx1 Jeans Grey Pants for Men )

Even they are different model, the details are easy to know.


Heart it? Pls stay tuned to us for more news.

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