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Don't know website how to use? Click!!

By Perfectkickz | 25 July 2018 | 461 views | 3 Comments
It's a delight to see that we have built such a strong friendship over years, through interaction on website comments, email, whatsApp / iMessage chat, phone call, live chat, etc. Your love is what drives us to do better! So we hope you can continue to show us the same love. And what's more, We do a upgrade on website.

As you may know our main focus has been incorporating versatile high-end fashion products whilst maintaining exceptional services and fast logistics. We are trying our best to offer you a 'One-stop' service, there’re some tips for you:

>Why page go slow?
New Version use different Show plugin, it need take time to response, few seconds then will be okay. If your page don’t work, feel free to take a screenshot and comment below, our technical staff will be processed as quickly as possible. Thanks:)

>Where to check New arrival?
On the new website new arrival change to be “lookbook”, find it if you need.  

>How to find product? 
You can use Search Bar or click the brand/ style to find your product. Click one then page will refresh, if you need click twice to find the product, then you need click one then wait it refresh again. 

>How to check review?
You can check reviews on “what customers said” and under the product.

>How to upload a review/comment? 
If you want to leave a photo or idea on the product, you can find the product and write a review like below. Btw, if you have any question, also can leave a comment there. 
If you make a video review, pls send the link/ video to our co-worker, then we will help you to upload( feedback video review can get a coupon in return).

>Where to use coupon code?
when you place order, after you choose the payment method, then you can see the frame, put the code and click apply, then it’s okay.

If you still have any question check our FAQ, feel free to contact us or comment below:
FAQ: https://www.perfectkickz.ru/art/faqs.html

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            [email protected]
July 27,2018 10:29
Can't wait to see more review
July 27,2018 10:28
when will you guys do sales?
July 27,2018 10:28
This blog is so much helpful!
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Joyce +16262067154
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Tina +16262068172
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Kelly +16262068250