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Buy Final Sale Products on PKZ

By PerfectKickz | 17 March 2017 | 6 Comments

Dear PKZ fans ,

How are you? Heard that you have preparation for a trip these days . Maybe you have to prepare some stuff. In order to cater to your travel itinerary, here we launch an event-- Final Sale!

Final Sale Products are all in stock and the prices are cheap. If you buy any of these, not only you can save a lot of money for your travel, but also you can receive your order before your traveling.

Kindly be noted that quantities are limited, while stocks last.

Part One:

Free Shipping!!! Only $120, get any 3 items below. Click to order >>>

Part Two:

Free Shipping!!! Only $150, get any 2 items below. Click to order >>>

Part Three:

Free Shipping!!! Only $160, get any 2 items below. Click to order >>>

Part Four:

Free Shipping!!! The prices of the coats below range from $180 to $200. (No Original Packing Box.)

We have never cut down the price for our Down Jackets like such, so don't miss this chance and choose your favorite Down Jackets! Click to order>>>

$180 Series: http://www.perfectkickz.ru/product/final-sale-mens-down-jacket.htm

$200 Series: http://www.perfectkickz.ru/product/final-sale-mens-down-jacket-long.htm

Part Five:

Have you ever dreamed that you only need to pay a small amount of money for CL, BA, Yeezy and Jordan sneakers? Now your dream will come true here. Click to order>>>

Free Shipping!!! The prices of the sneakers below range from $50 to $199.

$50 Sneakers: http://www.perfectkickz.ru/product/final-sale-only-50-get-1-sneakers.htm

$80 Sneakers: http://www.perfectkickz.ru/product/free-shipping.htm

$100 Sneakers: http://www.perfectkickz.ru/product/final-sale-only-100-get-any-1-sneakers.htm

$120 Sneakers: http://www.perfectkickz.ru/product/final-sale-only-120-get-any-1-sneakers.htm

$140 Sneakers: http://www.perfectkickz.ru/product/final-sale-only-140-get-any-1-sneakers.htm

$160 Sneakers: http://www.perfectkickz.ru/product/final-sale-only-160-get-any-1-sneakers.htm

$180 Sneakers: http://www.perfectkickz.ru/product/final-sale-only-180-get-any-1-sneakers.htm

$199 Sneakers: http://www.perfectkickz.ru/product/final-sale-only-199-get-any-1-sneakers.htm

How to order?

1. Click "Final Sale" of the navigation bar on our website (http://www.perfectkickz.ru/home/goods_type/finalSale.htm)

2. Find the lucky bags as below. These lucky bags correspond to all products above. 



As for Part Four and Part Five, you can directly choose the style you like and order online/offline.

As for Part One - Part Three:

1) Order Online:

Directly order online as the picture shown below;

Contact us to assure the styles you want or comment below(order number + styles you want):

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp +8613149345290 or +8613149343279

2) Order Offline:

Directly email our customer service [email protected] or whatsapp +8613149345290 or +8613149343279 to assure the styles you want and order.

PS: Pay by Western Union/Money Gram/WorldRemit, Get another 10% off!

If you pay more than $200(>$200), only for all these Final Sale Products in lucky bags, we will send you a random free gift (the random free gift could be a Key Chain , Goyard cap/ Wallet or Givenchy / Cartier Bracelets)!

PS: Quantities of free gifts are limited. First come, first served.



Again, a kindly reminder.. don't miss out on this ever!!! We hope you guys will enjoy it, please stay tuned for more amazing events!!!


1. Coupons are not valid in this final sale.

2. No Returns. No Exchanges.

3. Not applicable to any other promotions or discounts. 

4. Pay by Western Union/Money Gram/WorldRemit, Get another 10% off!

5. PKZ site has the final interpretation of this activity.

If you have any Questions, feel free to contact us via:

Email: [email protected],[email protected]

Whatsapp: +16262068172 +16262068073 or +16262068250

Instagram: @Perfect_kickz_ru

April 08,2017 04:12
When you want shoes, but there's no size 45 :/ where he love man :?
Sorry friend, The final sale products has been the first come first served. If you want to size 45 of shoes, you can click on the Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin and Jordan sneakers on our website. Any question feel free contact us at whatsapp: +16262068172. Have a nice day!
March 31,2017 11:45
I ordered and got mine fam
Thanks you order from PKZ and our products!
March 30,2017 06:13
THey dont send order I have been waiting for my order for 4 weeks now
Hello friend, pls show us your order number and our customer service will help you to check what happen. Thanks!!!
March 19,2017 16:51
They never Ship they play games then delete the comments
Hello friend, it's impossible that we never ship. If there is any problems about your order, pls show your order number/order email here. Our customer service would contact you the first time and check for you. Thanks.
March 19,2017 16:27
Hello friend, we never do that. Pls show your order number/order email here if there is any questions and we would help you check your order. Thanks.
March 18,2017 23:11
for how long there will be sale?
Hello friend, the quantities are limited, while stocks last. If you like any one of them, pls hurry up to buy lest they are sold out. Thanks. Nice day!
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