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Balenciaga Speed Trainer,Ugly or Fashion?

If you love fashion, and right as a sneakerhead, then we believe that you have seen a pair of sneakers appears everywhere – Balenciaga Speed Trainer.


Early this January, Balenciaga launched its new type named “Speed Trainer”, which has become the first explosion this year. Although it’s a type from 2016, its high visibility makes it really popular among many countries and was out of stock in many places. 


Let’s first talk about G-Dragon, the Asian Fashion Trend Icon. Some people may think that GD loves to match clothes chaotically, but he did has the ability to make the clothes he wearing into popular products. At the fashion show of Vetements, he has chosen to wear this Balenciaga Speed Trainer matching with the socks from Vetements, how great this matching is? You can see the following picture to get.

Furthermore, this sneaker was appeared on GD’s Instagram frequently, with different kinds of matching style. It seems that he did really deep in love with this sneaker and don’t willing to take it off.


On the other hand, this BA sneaker is also popular among girls. Songqian is one of the representatives. She chose Vetements long socks to match this Balenciaga Speed Trainer. This makes the shoe and sock are all in one visually, highlighting one’s legs longer. And there’s no feeling of strangeness, very fashion and match. Take a look of her on feet shot!


Tangyan is also fancy about this sneaker very much. She also wore this sneaker in different occasions with different matchings. No matter casual style, or femininity style, she still doesn’t want to change this shoe!

Simple Black and White color, this sneaker has a very high-end street style streamlined design, with a strong sense of movement are the most popular elements nowadays. But because it looks difficult to distinguish whether it is shoes or sock, it was kindly named “Socks Shoes”.


This Balenciaga Speed Trainer has two versions, Hi and Mid. The avant-garde sock-style high tube body is made of special woven material, creating a light breathable wearing feeling, with the toe position prominent “BALENCIAGA” logo identity, while carrying both the function of shock absorption and memory soles presented.

Following the initial black and white base color, Balenciaga this year also introduced a gray and white color, soles are still to maintain the white bottom.

After seeing the demonstration of a crowd of stars, if you begin to be interested in this sneaker, how about seeing more daily reference shots from the people who have dressed on street to consider should not “chop the hand” in the end?


By the way, we PKZ now have the Mid version of this Balenciaga Speed Trainer, price is USD $139.99, black one is available. And here comes a good new that if you are the first fifteen people who bought this sneaker in these few days, we will send you a pair of Balenciaga socks for free!!!


Besides, we want to collect your ideas that if you want us to update other colors of this Balenciaga Speed Trainer. If yes, please comment below to let us know or contact our customer sales directly.

If your heart starts palpitate for it, then please follow your heart and go for your own Balenciaga Speed Trainer. Do not miss it at its rising period with this free gift for you.
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